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Are French Bulldogs good family dogs? Yes. Frenchies have a personality that is kind, affectionate and accepting of everyone including children, other dogs and strangers. Rarely aggressive, or a nuisance, Frenchies are the epitome of a family dog and an absolute joy to be around.

Do Frenchies make good pets? Yes. French Bulldogs embody the perfect pet; they are loyal, affectionate, adaptable, and surprisingly low-maintenance.

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot? Like most dogs, a French Bulldog is likely to bark at people approaching the door, passing dogs, and when excited. However, compared to other small breeds, French Bulldogs do not bark a lot.

It should be noted that in addition to occasionally barking, Frenchies frequently snuffle and wheeze when they breathe.

Are Frenchies stubborn? Frenchies are smart and sensitive. If you hurt your Frenchie’s feelings, they may be less likely to obey you. The key to alleviating the “stubbornness” is to demonstrate to the dog that you are its leader through consistent, positive reward-based training. Not to mention loads of love, attention and affection.

Are French Bulldogs cuddly? Yes. In general, French Bulldogs are cuddly, attention hounds who want nothing more than to snack, and to snuggle.

Are French Bulldogs smart dogs? Yes. Though not as intelligent as the Border Collie or the Standard Poodle, French Bulldogs possess a keen intelligence that is higher than the average canine.

Do French Bulldogs bark when left alone? When left alone for extended periods, dogs are likely to bark for attention. French Bulldogs are very sociable, and don’t like to be away from their family for very long at all.

Are French Bulldogs high maintenance? No. French Bulldogs are considered fairly low-maintenance when compared to other breeds. They adapt well to new environments and are friendly and accepting of children, strangers and other dogs.

However, Frenchies are known to be a handful when training and have special grooming requirements. They are also prone to a number of medical conditions and especially vulnerable to hot and cold weather.

What age do French Bulldogs stop growing? French Bulldogs typically reach their full height (12 inches) around 10 – 12 months old, and their full weight (26 pounds) by 2 years old.

Do French Bulldogs get attached to one person? French Bulldogs are bred to be companions dogs. They are incredibly loyal to their family, no matter how many members it has.

How often do you wash a French Bulldog? French Bulldogs can be bathed as frequently as once per week, but not more than every six weeks depending on its lifestyle.

Why do French Bulldogs fart so much? The French Bulldog’s “smushed-in” face causes it to gulp air when it eats; combined with a sensitive stomach, the result is flatulence.

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